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The Future of UltraStunting
« on: September 09, 2021, 08:06:35 PM »
UltraStunting Is Now Back!

After the community officially shut down on November 30th, 2019, I eventually decided to revive it and make sure it continues operating well into the future. This community is a big part of the life of everyone here, and I didn't want to let it just die like that. However, for UltraStunting to move forward, it is necessary to drop SA-MP, especially because its creator (Kalcor) no longer updates or cares about it.

It is for this reason that I have been working on porting US to Multi Theft Auto (MTA). For the meanwhile, everyone can play on the temporary SA-MP server run by Ramakant on the IP:Port (must be manually added to your SA-MP client because BBCode won't let me make it a proper URL).

Thanks to Morris, we also got our old forum back online. Considering this, I will describe things with more detail than what was present on the previous parking page.

Future MTA Server

What will the MTA server be like?
It will contain all the same maps and minigames, along with new features. However, the gameplay will be significantly revamped and all the maps will have a revision pass. Stunting will be the main method of earning money, and the gameplay, where possible, will involve stunting as the way to overcome obstacles and reach goals. This will also cause vehicles to handle differently in different contexts, which is why all the maps (especially challenges) have to be revised and updated accordingly. Certain maps will also likely be phased out (such as the airport stunting zones), in favor of a new design that enables players to more easily chain stunts and keep combos going.

Because of the stunting system and other systems that will be present in the server, an ingame map editor (different from the standard MTA map editor) will also have to be developed so players can more easily make maps that will automatically work with the server. This map editor will also be present in certain activities, such as races, so players can easily put checkpoints around to make their own tracks and challenge other players.

Why not go with open.mp?
Most things that I will make for the new version of US can only be achieved in MTA. Since open.mp is a continuation of SA-MP, it probably will just be much of the same. Therefore, it is necessary to go with MTA to not hold US back with limitations (especially due to the server-sided nature of SA-MP). It is recommended to try MTA out in advance, but note that a lot of servers use custom content and that can mean long download times (this will be avoided in MTA US as much as possible).

When is the release date?
As previously said in the website, it will be done when it is done. Unfortunately I can not give a clear release date for several reasons (including being busy with my own things IRL), but I can assure you that I will finish this. Even with that said, I can say that in this end of 2021 I should have at least 1 or 2 updates about the progress, with feature demo videos appearing in 2022 and it hopefully being done at the end of that year or the next.

This is a solo project, and I only want to release it when at least all the main features are present. I do not want this to be simply a copy-paste of old US, this server deserves a lot more respect than that. But also, I can't keep people waiting, especially Omni. It is important to stress that not everything I have planned will be present on release day, because I do have to release MTA US at some point. I will, however, keep working on it over time, always adding new things.

How can I expect that it will really be finished and not be in development hell?
Some of you remember that I had a problem with laziness, but I have managed to fix most of it now. This is important because I'm also studying to have a job eventually, so commitment is not something I can just drop now, especially where I'm at life. It is also important to note that a significant part of the laziness I had in the past came from my former depression, and old habits are hard to shake off, taking quite some time to be fixed even if one is willing to do it.

Most of the server is already thought out, as in, its design and what it will be like is already decided, so it is just a matter of implementing everything. I dropped my original MTA project to work on US, and I already made a lot more progress than I ever did being stuck on that original project. This is also why most of the server is already thought out, as a lot of things I will put in MTA US are part of my original project but in a scope that a person can do it alone just fine. This means that MTA US, in the end, will be more like a crossover of old US and my own created universe.

Moreover, newer games hardly interest me anymore because the games industry has become a shell of itself. That's more motivation to make my own thing, not just for myself, but also Omni, and others who want to enjoy it.

Finally, the reason I can't tell exactly everything I'm planning to make is because talking too much about it demotivates, paradoxically, one to actually do what has to be done. However, some sneak peeks of planned things are already present in the temporary SA-MP server, such as the Lunar Surge HQ (/lshq) and new features like the Elemental Rifle (/erifle). The Elemental Rifle shows what the Displacer (future new tool) will be like, as well as some of the powers (implemented as ammo types). Because of the limitations in SA-MP, it is not possible to really show fully what they are like as I imagine them (which is also why going with MTA is necessary) but it does at least give some sense of what to expect.

Will I keep my stats?
Because the ingame economy and reward system will be fully revamped, all stats have to be reset (including owned houses and businesses). However, old players will be given a starting bonus (how much will vary). Businesses in old US also led to many players becoming very rich doing pretty much nothing, and it wouldn't be fair to start a new version of the server with them still having all that money.

It is also for this reason that passive income will no longer exist in MTA US, all the businesses will be owned by everyone and to earn money from businesses players will have to actively play and do minigames. Each business type will have different minigames and, where possible, this will include cooperation between players (in contrast to competitive minigames such as Derby and Fallout).

What happens if I get permanently banned in the temporary SA-MP server?
When I decided to revive US, I unbanned everyone because it is supposed to be a fresh beginning and players who got banned before must also have matured (one example is my former rival Martin). However, getting permanently banned now will carry over to MTA. In other words, just because this is a temporary server, it doesn't mean the bans themselves are temporary.

I'm a Donator, will my status carry over?
Yes, Donator status will be honored and carried over to MTA. However, I must stress that I do not like to restrict gameplay features behind a paywall, and for this reason Donator status will be more limited. For example, features such as streaming radio for others will be Donator-exclusive, either because they would lag or cause issues if everyone could use it, or is a harmless way of making vehicles look cooler.

All vehicles will be usable by everyone, including the military vehicles and new vehicles that I will add myself. Similarly, skins added by Donators will be usable by everyone (adding the skin to the server is the feature itself, but using it is not exclusive).

There will be no money boost or pay-to-win features for donating, moreover, there will be absolutely no microtransactions or subscription systems. The very idea of having microtransactions or paid-for alternative currencies disturbs me, and it is something that ruined a lot of games for me (such as GTA Online). Remember that Donator status is supposed to be a thank you for helping the community stay alive, not a way to dominate everyone.

EDIT: I changed my mind on Flight being Donator-exclusive since it is meant to represent something special in the server and it was originally planned to be an unlock anyone could get in my original MTA project. I only decided to make it Donator-exclusive at first to continue honoring the system, but it is possible to do that without compromising on my original plans, especially with people suggesting new features over time.

Historical SA-MP Server Files

In accordance with the server founder's (Morris) wishes, the SA-MP server files have been made available for download below:

NOTE: The purpose of the SA-MP server files is historical, enabling players to experience the old version of UltraStunting even after it moves to MTA. You can extend and modify the code to make your own unique server provided that you use a different name and credit UltraStunting. Simply taking the code with no modifications and only changing the name while also removing the credits (ripoff) is strictly forbidden. It is recommended to read the included instructions, as no support will be provided. New features added to the temporary SA-MP server (such as Fadeout and Elemental Rifle) will not be added to the files.
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Re: The Future of UltraStunting
« Reply #1 on: September 09, 2021, 08:19:21 PM »
thank you everyone to keeping in touch after this long time, thanks to @Morris and @BCG2000  aswell for making UltraStunting alive again.
so excited to see US future.  ;)

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Re: The Future of UltraStunting
« Reply #2 on: November 20, 2021, 10:03:39 AM »
Okay, good... but have you considered setting it to Wumbo this time?

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Re: The Future of UltraStunting
« Reply #3 on: December 22, 2021, 07:20:24 PM »
Dude, thank you so much! UltraStunting has been my favorite server since my favorite youtubers streamed it, and I was sad when it shut down, but now it's back, and i'm so happy.
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Re: The Future of UltraStunting
« Reply #4 on: December 31, 2021, 01:12:55 PM »
I'm back too! And I'm glad to see US here again, thanks a lot for that
but the problem is that I forgot my server login password, how can I recover it ?

*Edit: Password Recovered By Moderator*
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