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All donations go towards
payment for the server
and any upgade
features the server may
need. Thank You.

Our offical Server IP is
xx Forums Are Back
August 18, 2014, 04:52:59 AM by TheKing1220 | Views: 57 | Comments: 0

The forums was down for several days due to hosting problems. It was a outrage on our host with one of their servers which the forums was on. The host finally fixed the server and we're back with no loss of data. If any player thats been banned within last week can make a ban appeal and also if anyone wanna enter the upcoming racing tournament can do so too.

xx UltraStunting Racing Tournament
August 05, 2014, 11:23:10 PM by TheKing1220 | Views: 1394 | Comments: 74

UltraStunting Racing Tournament


Ok, I felt like doing a new tournament before most of the kids here go back to school or going to college soon. This time We're trying something different instead of DM but with racing. Here's how the event will go, Each race will be 1 vs 1 like a duel but with racing, You and Your match opponent will race on specified tracks that I picked out but dont worry they wont be long tracks, Each match is a best of 3 so if You managed to beat Your opponent 2 times You'll advance to the next round. An Admin must be in the passenger seat of both racer's cars to record the match results, They can also record the race if they want to. I'm letting 32 20 people to...

xx Version 4.9.8
July 11, 2014, 03:47:43 AM by TheKing1220 | Views: 824 | Comments: 44

I know i said before that 4.9.7 was the last update before 5.0 but things has changed due to a lack of free time and other things and we havent had a update in almost 5 months, so i started scripting again and been working on a new update since the beginning of June. This might be the last update before 5.0 but idk we'll see

New Stuff
Added BridgeJump (Map Made by Joker)
Added TubeJump (Map Made by 7echno) - This map was already on the server when cannon2 was added but never was a tele to it until now blame 7echn0
Added 2 new npcs [BOT]Trainguy and [BOT]Traingirl, they will make stops at every station around SA and players can ride the trains if they want
Race System now supports race in interiors and other virtual worlds as well
Added 3 new races because of that: DirtRing and Kart (at the 8 track interior) Also 8track too
Added K/D Ratio in /stats as well in !stats in IRC (i might regret adding this but oh well)
Added a new ...

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